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The Society for Costa Rica Collectors

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Alvaro Castro collection from Costa Rica

The Society for Costa Rica Collectors (SOCORICO) is an international group of stamp collectors interested primarily in the study of stamps and postal history of Costa Rica. SOCORICO was organized in 1963, but its quarterly publication, The Oxcart, has been in existence since 1960.

SOCORICO functions under a Constitution and By-Laws adopted by its members and The Oxcart is published under its auspices. Currently, membership is almost 200 members with many states within the United States and other countries represented. Many of the foremost authorities, not only on Costa Rica but also on other republics of Central America, are on its rolls. SOCORICO is affiliate No. 96 of the American Philatelic Society.

1923 J. Jimenez Ambulante to New york.

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