APS Affiliate 96

Auction 232

Send all bids and payments to Raul Hernandez, 4204 Haring Road, Metaire, LA 70006 USA or rherna3870@aol.com. The closing date is September 29, 2018 at noon. The winning bid will be one raise over the next highest bid. All the lots are illustrated in the Socorico Web Site with complete auction conditions. The same information can be obtained by phone, fax or mail from R. Hernandez. A buyer fee of 5% will be charged, but it will be waived if payment is received within 15 days after notification. If no payment is received 30 days after notification the lot will be assigned to the second highest bidder. The cost of postage is additional. Packages over $100 will be sent insured and foreign ones will be sent airmail registered at the recipient risk. Consult www.usps.com for postage rates.

Catalogue price reference is "Scott Standard Catalogue", other reference numbers are the "Costa Rica Postal Catalogue Fourth Edition 2014" or "Costa Rica Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2006 (M&R)". Low value stamps are not graded; in a lot the overall grade represents the highest value stamps. Submit items for next auction by October 15, 2018 by noon to Hector Mena, P.O. Box 14831, Baton Rouge LA 70898.

Abbreviations o/p: overprint, s/c: surcharge, cc: circular cancellation, ng: no gum, og: original gum, nh: no hinged, FDC: first day cover, mint or MNH: mint never hinged, SJ: San Jose, reg: registered, bk: block, i: irregular shape, RUC: right upper corner, RLC: right lower corner, LUC: lower upper corner, LLC: left lower corner. Commercial covers - unless specified these covers may have stamps of other contemporary issues. All covers from San Jose or to San Jose unless specified.

001Sc1-4, used$15
002Sc1 town cancellations (3 items)$5
Sc3 green very well center and full gum$7
004Sc3 green cancellations (3 items)$15
005Sc4 1 peso SJ in diamond and bars cancellation$15
006Sc16-20 1883 Fernandez, gum, hinged$48
007Sc16-20 as above, used$5
008Sc16-20 as above, used$4
009Sc16 Fernandez issue 1883 used (6 items)$5
010Sc16 as above used (9 items)$6
011Sc18 Fernandez fancy cancels (6 items)$5
012Sc18 as above (7 items)$5
Sc18 mint well centered full gum$12
014Sc21-22 used$4
015Sc22, 1887 Soto, gum, hinged$2
016Sc23-24 o/p Correos, gum, hinged$3
017Sc23-24 as above, full gum light hinge$4
Sc23 as above well centered full gum light hinge$2
019Sc25-34, 32a 1889 Soto gum, hinged$34
020Sc25-34 as above, used$5
021Sc35-44, 37a, 42a, 44a, 1892 Coats, gum, hinged$15
022Sc35-34 as above used$4
023Sc58, 58a, 58b, gum, hinged$3
024Sc58 etc. as above used$3
025Sc59a used (4 items)$3
026Sc60a perf 14, gum, hinged$1
027Sc62a used (8 items)$2
028Sc62a used (6 items)$2
029Sc63a perf 11x14, gum, hinged$5
030Sc64a perf 11x14 used$5
Sc59-66 used perf 11$9
032Sc69/76, used$1
033Sc83d, perf. 14 gum, hinged$12
034Sc89b, kisseed s/c, gum, hinged$1
035Sc117/127, used$2
036Sc163 Red Cross gum, hinged$2
037Sc163 as above, mint never hinged, side copy$2
038Sc191/195, used$4
039Sc201-208, gum, hinged$8
040Sc201/208 as above used$2
041Sc212-216 National University, MNH$3
042Sc246 proof, blue$5
043Sc532/533 MNH$3
044Sc590a-e sheet of 5, MNH$2
045Sc677 cover with commemorative cancel$1
046Sc678 cover with commemorative cancel$3

047ScC11-13 s/c on revenue 1931-2, gum hinged$26
048ScC11-13 as above used$26
049Sc C14a, inverted op. MNH$8
050Sc C14a, inverted op. Used$7
051Sc C15-27, used$4
052Sc C39-45, used$2
053Sc C74-80, used$6
054Sc C81-91A as above used$4
055Sc C128-140, MNH$3
056Sc C156 normal and inverted surcharge, MNH$5
057Sc C197-210, used$10
058ScC227-45 Industries, MNH$10
059ScC227-45 as above used$5
060ScC256-72, used Centenary of war.$2
061ScC283-88 Soccer MNH in blocks of 4$7
062Sc283-88 Soccer imperforated in pairs$30
063ScC292/297 Banner and OEA MNH$4
064ScC292/207 as above in mint never hinged blocks of 4$15
065ScC292/297 Banner and OEA used$3
066ScC292a impression sideways mint$40
067ScC292b DF error used$5
068ScC292b DF error mint$5
069ScC293a pair imperforated in between mint$50
070Sc298-302 imperforated, some large margins$30
071Sc290-302 as above overprinted Muestra$15
072ScC321-28 UN Food & Agriculture 1961 MNH$2
073ScC321-28 as above used$2
074ScC378-93 Pre Columbian Art1963-4 MNH$7
075ScC378-93 as above used$5
076ScB2/4 Discus thrower, MNH$6
077ScB2/4 Discus thrower, gum, hinged$2

078Sc1 gum hinged and used$2
079Sc2 gum hinged and used$2
080Sc3 partial gum hinged and used$15
081Sc4 gum hinged and used$2
082Sc42 unused and used$5
083Sc45 unused$1
084Sc55-59 cancels$3
085Sc55-56 fancy cancels (6 items)$9
086Sc57 fancy cancels (7 items)$8
087Sc58 fancy cancels (4 items)$4
088Sc59 fancy cancels (6 items)$2
089Sc66 fancy cancels (6 items)$20
090Sc66 fancy cancels (6 items)$20
091Sc67 fancy cancels (5 items)$3
092NE11892 Columbus$10

Non Emiss Essays
093E25 Bishop Thiel 1923 $10
094PE26 1923 Tinoco revolution proofs of portraits$30
095E27 Fernandez execution $10
096PE32d 1929 MM Gutierrez frame in blue$20
097PE32e as above frame in green$20
098E80a 1946 75c Columbus$20
099E82 as above frame only in brown$20
100E94 1946 Columbus brown on cream paper$30
101E94 as above brown on gray paper$30

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