APS Affiliate 96

Auction 233

Send all bids and payments to Raul Hernandez, 4204 Haring Road, Metaire, LA 70006 USA or rherna3870@aol.com. The closing date is December 29, 2018 at noon. The winning bid will be one raise over the next highest bid. All the lots are illustrated in the Socorico Web Site with complete auction conditions. The same information can be obtained by phone, fax or mail from R. Hernandez. A buyer fee of 5% will be charged, but it will be waived if payment is received within 15 days after notification. If no payment is received 30 days after notification the lot will be assigned to the second highest bidder. The cost of postage is additional. Packages over $100 will be sent insured and foreign ones will be sent airmail registered at the recipient risk. Consult www.usps.com for postage rates.

Catalogue price reference is "Scott Standard Catalogue", other reference numbers are the "Costa Rica Postal Catalogue Fourth Edition 2014" or "Costa Rica Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2006 (M&R)". Low value stamps are not graded; in a lot the overall grade represents the highest value stamps. Submit items for next auction by January 15, 2019 by noon to Hector Mena, P.O. Box 14831, Baton Rouge LA 70898.

Abbreviations o/p: overprint, s/c: surcharge, cc: circular cancellation, ng: no gum, og: original gum, nh: no hinged, FDC: first day cover, mint or MNH: mint never hinged, SJ: San Jose, reg: registered, bk: block, i: irregular shape, RUC: right upper corner, RLC: right lower corner, LUC: lower upper corner, LLC: left lower corner. Commercial covers - specified these covers may have stamps of other contemporary issues. All covers from San Jose or to San Jose unless specified.

001257 s/c over revenue 1953 surcharge proof on onionskin paper vert pair$10.00
002As above marginal block of 4, lower 2 with fading o/p mint $10.00
003As above s/c shifted, mint$5.00
004As above s/c shifted, hinged$5.00
005As above s/c shifted, ng$4.00
006As above s/c shifted up in between 2 stamps pair value middle, hinge$10.00
007As above s/c shifted up in between 2 stamps pair value higher, mint$10.00
008As above s/c shifted up in between 2 stamps pair value highest, trace hinge$10.00
009As above last line of s/c missing, used$5.00
010As above last line of s/c fading, mint$2.00
011As above double surcharge, mint$15.00
012As above double surcharge, mint$15.00
013As above double surcharge, weak mint$15.00
014As above double surcharge, strong mint (perf hole) $5.00
015Cover with 7 stamps #257 (3 on back) to Oklahoma June 1954$2.00
 Collection lots 001 to 015$123.00

War Centenary
016C256 5c single to Chicago Nov 57$1.00
017C256 single local (window) & 3x to Louisiana 57, 58$1.50
018C257 10c 5x (back) Junta Abangares to SJ Nov 58, registered$2.00
019018C258 15c single Gonzalez Viques to SJ Nov 57$1.50
020C258 15c single as above to SJ Jun 58$1.50
021C265 50c to Limon to New Orleans Nov 60$1.00
022C265 50c Canas to SJ Jan 59, registered$2.00
023C265 50c + Christmas tax Liberia to SJ Dec 58 registered$2.50
024C267/261 60 & 30c to Los Angeles Aug 57 registered$1.50
025C267 60c + tax to Louisiana Dec 62, registered$1.00
026C268/259 65c to Louisiana Feb 58 registered$1.50
027C269/259 70c to Los Angeles Oct 57 registered$2.00
028C270 75c Puntarenas to Chicago Aug 59 registered$2.00
029C271 80c + industries to Louisiana Oct 57 registered$1.50
 Collection lots 016 to 029$22.50
030C284 soccer 25c 28 Millas to SJ$5.00
031C284 soccer 25c 3x Orotina to SJ May 60 registered$2.00
032C290 refuges 35c to Monroe Oct 1960$1.00
033C298, 299 St Vincent Paul Las Juntas to SJ 1961 registered 2 covers$3.50
034C300 St Vincent Paul 50c + C227 Limon to New Orleans Aug 1962$1.00
035C300 as above + C323 Limon to SJ June 62$1.50
036C309 Olympics 25c Sierpe de Osa, Ptnas to SJ May 61$5.00
037C318-19 lawyers 25c SJ local & from Alajuela to US Ambassador 1961 2 covers$3.00
038C316-19 lawyers complete issue in 2 covers to Dallas & Monroe 1961$4.00
039C362 Centenary 1st issue local & USA 1963 3 covers$3.00
040C371 CA Presidents Upala to SJ May 64$2.50
041C373 as above to Miami Feb 64$1.00

United Nations
042C321 UN 10c x2 + Christmas tax Guacimo Linea Vieja to SJ Mar 1964$4.00
043C321 UN 10c x2 + C300 Limon to New Orleans Jul 62 immediate deliver$1.00
044C322 UN 20c to New Orleans Jul 62$1.00
045C322 as above certified Mar 62$1.00
046C322 UN 20c + C314 to Miami Jan 63 registered$1.50
047C323 UN 25c Lagunilla Santa Cruz Gte to LA Jan 1962$5.00
048C323 as above Rey River Limon to SJ Jan 62$5.00
049C323 as above Esparta to SJ May 62$2.00
050C323 as above pair Naranjo to SJ Apr 62$2.00
051C325 to Miami Mar 1962$1.00
052C326 UN 45c to Miami Jan 62$1.00
053C326 as above to New Orleans Sep 61$1.00
054C326 as above Limon to New Orleans Set 62$1.00
055C338 overprint 3x to Miami Oct 62 registered$1.00
056C338 + 227 as above Limon to New Orleans Sep 62$1.00
 Collection lots 042 to 056 $28.50

Pre Columbian Indian Art
057C378 5cx2 on 2 mourning covers local Feb 64$2.00
058C378 5c + Christmas tax SJ local Dec 64$1.00
059C379 10cx5 Muelle San Carlos to LA Oct 64 registered$3.00
060C379 10c on 2 mourning covers local 65$2.00
061C379 10c x2+ Cartago to Massachusetts$1.00
062C379 local/ 382 (Miami) on mourning covers 64$2.00
063C380 25c Quepos to SJ Feb 64$2.00
064C380 25c Palmar Sur to SJ$2.00
065C380 25c San Mateo to SJ Jun 64$2.00
066C380 25c x2 to Louisiana Jun 64$1.00
067C380 25c x2 San Vito Java to Los Angeles$3.00
068C380 25c x3 Las Juntas to SJ Jan 64 registered$3.00
069C380 25c + Upala to Tilaran Set 66$3.00
070C381 30c x2 Parrita to Los Angeles Feb 67$1.00
071C382 35c Orotina to SJ Apr 65$2.00
072C382 35c to Miami$1.00
073C382 35c Liberia to SJ Apr 65$2.00
074C382 35c + tax stamp Siquirres to SJ Dec 64$2.00
075C382 35c + 379 x2 Orotina to Louisina Set 64$1.00
076C382 35c + 380, 378 x2 Tacares to Los Angeles Aug 64$2.00
077C382 35c x3 + x mas, 378 Canas to SJ Dec 64 registered$2.00
078C382 35c x3 + x mas, La Mansion to SJ Dec 64 registered$4.00
079C382 35c x4 + x mas La Mansion to SJ Dec 64 registered$4.00
080C383 45c San Ramon to Los Angeles Jan 67$2.00
081C384 50c La Uruca to Miami Apr 65$1.00
082C384 50c Hoja Ancha to Nicoya to Gainesville Set 64$5.00
083C384 50c + x tax to Louisiana Dec 64$1.00
084C384 50c to Louisiana 2 covers Oct 64$1.00
085C384 50c + 378, 379 Dominical to San Isidro to Los Angeles Oct 64$2.00
086C384 50c + 394x2 SJ to Tegucigalpa Oct 64 registered$2.00
087C385 55c to Miami Aug 67$1.50
088C385 55c x2 Puntarenas to SJ Apr 65 registered$2.50
089C385 55c x2 + x mas Puntarenas to SJ Dec 64 registered$2.50
090C386 75c to Miami 66$2.00
091C386 75c + 382 Limon to SJ Mar 65 registered$2.50
092C386 75c + 382 Liberia to Los Angeles Apr 66$2.50
093C386 75c +385 +379 to Miami Oct 64 registered$2.00
094C387 85c to Miami Apr 64 registered$2.00
095C388 90c + 384 to Miami Jul 65 registered$2.00
096C389 1C to Miami Feb 65 immediate delivery$1.00
097C389 1C +386 to Miami Oct 64 registered & immediate delivery$2.00
098C389 1C + 379 + x mas Puntarenas to SJ Dec 64 registered$2.00
099C390 2C to Miami Nov 69 registered$2.00
100392 5C x4 Jan 70 fragment$5.00
101C395 5c on 30c x2 Atalanta, Limon (back) to LA Jan 67$4.00
102C397 15 on 85 x2 + 39, 382 Orotina to SJ Jan 65 registered$2.00
103C397 15 on 85 plus 2 covers to USA$1.00
104C400 2C overprint to Gainsville Aug 74 express$1.00
 Collection lots 057 to 104$105.00

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