APS Affiliate 96

Auction 252

Send all bids to Hector Mena PO Box 14831, Baton Rouge, LA 70898 or hrmena8@cox.net. The closing date is Saturday February 3 , 2024 at noon. The winning bid will be 10% over the next highest bid. If there is only one bid the winning price will be equal to the reserve. If the difference between the top bids is less than 10% the winning bid will be equal to the top bid.

All the lots are illustrated in the Socorico Web Site with complete auction conditions. The same information can be obtained by fax or mail from auction manager. A buyer fee of 5% will be charged, but it will be waived if payment is received within 15 days after notification. If no payment is received 30 days after notification the lot will be assigned to the second highest bidder. The cost of postage is additional. Packages over $100 will be sent signature package and foreign ones will be sent airmail registered at the recipient risk. Consultwww.usps.com for postage rates. Submit items for next auction by March 1, 2024 by noon to auction manager.

All payments will be made to Socorico either by check to Treasurer or PayPal account socorico@mail.com

Catalogue price reference is "Scott Standard Catalogue", other reference numbers are the "Costa Rica Postal Catalogue Fourth Edition" or "Costa Rica Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2006 (M&R)". Low value stamps are not graded; in a lot the overall grade represents the highest value stamps. Abbreviations o/p: overprint, s/c: surcharge, cc: circular cancellation, ng: no gum, og: original gum, nh: no hinged, FDC: first day cover, mint or MNH: mint never hinged, SJ: San Jose, reg: registered, bk: block, i: irregular shape, RUC: right upper corner, RLC: right lower corner, LUC: lower upper corner, LLC: left lower corner. Commercial covers - unless specified these covers may have stamps of other contemporary issues. All covers from San Jose or to San Jose unless specified. Each bid should be accompanied with the address to mail the lots, if not available the society listed address will be used and also with mailing instructions.
The fee structure for the sellers has been reduced for high price items. Sellers interested in known the details please contact the sales manager.

The 1907 Issue and 1911 Overprints
1Sc59 to 68 complete set with perforation 11x14 (cat 590) MH$270
2Sc59 to 68 complete set with perforation 14x14 (cat 1052) MH$495
3Sc59/68 imperforated, ungummed thin paper$95
4Sc59 imperforated pair MH$9
5Sc59 used stamps 10 items$1
6Sc60 imperforated pair MH$9
7Sc60 used stamps 12 items$1
8Sc61 imperforated pair MH$9
9Sc61 used Koschny cancel Mar 31 1901$5
10Sc61 perf 11x14 used 5 items$2
11Sc62 imperforated pair MH$9
12Sc62 block of 4 mint NH$4
13Sc62 used stamps 19 items$2
14Sc62a used stamps 8 items$2
15Sc63a block of 4 mint, NH$35
16Sc63 used stamps 10 items$1
1764a used stamps 4 items$5
1864a bar cancel 2 items$1
19Sc65 block of 4 NH$4
20Sc65 imperforated color plate proof CP61$9
21Sc65 used stamps 2 items$1.5
22Sc65 bar cancel 12 items$2
23Sc65a bar cancel 8 items$2
24Sc66 imperforated pair MH$45
25Sc66 used$5
26Sc66 used$5
27Sc66 used$5
28Sc66 bar cancels 5 items$2
29Sc66a bar cancel 2 items$2
30Sc67 bar cancel 6 items$2
31Sc67a unused with gum$10
32Sc67a bar cancel 5 items$2
33Sc68 bar cancel 9 items$3
34Sc68a bar cancel 2 items$1
35Sc77a inverted overprint MH$3
36Sc77 and 78 used stamps 5 items$2
37Sc78a black overprint mid stamp NG signed Cohen$15
38Sc78a black overprint high on stamp MH signed Cohen, Sauma$20
39Sc78a black overprint high and split in 2 halves NG$20
40Sc78b inverted overprint$5
41Sc79 and 80 used stamps 6 items$1
42Sc79 block of 4, marginal$3
43Sc79 used 48 items$3
44Sc79 used 46 items$3
45Sc79 overprint high on stamp bar cancel 2 items$2
46Sc79 broken 1 in position 1used$2
47Sc79 broken 9 in position 37$2
48Sc79 with divergent asterisks 2 items$3
49Sc79a inverted overprint used$2.5
50Sc79a inverted overprint used$2.5
51Sc79a inverted overprint MH$3
52Sc79a inverted overprint MH$3
53Sc79b double overprint$4
54Sc79b double overprint in marginal pair with normal$9
55Sc80 block of 4 MNH RLC$1.5
56Sc80 14x14 used 42 items$3
57Sc80 14x14 used 42 items$3
58Sc80 and 80e mixed used 42 items$3
59Sc80 THE GREEN TEAR (Timbre 28)$10
60Sc80 displaced overprint to left, bar cancel$1
61Sc80 divergent asterisk (77f)$MNH
62Sc80 broken 1 MH$2
63Sc80 broken 9 NH$2
64Sc80 broken 9 used$2
65Sc80 broken 1 and another with broken asterisk used$2
66Sc80a inverted overprint trace hinge$4
67Sc80a inverted overprint MH$4
68Sc80a inverted overprint used$3
69Sc80a inverted overprint used$3
70Sc80b double overprint, one like 77 light hinge$20
71Sc80b double overprint, one like 77 light hinge$20
72Sc80b double overprint, one like 77 and broken 9 used$12
73Sc80b double overprint, one like 77 in pair MH one in position 32$40
74Sc80d vertical pair, one stamp like 77 light hinge$15
75Sc80d vertical pair, one stamp like 77 in a block of 4 trace hinge$30
76Sc80e perf 11x14 used 49 items$2
77Sc82 used 48 items$3
78Sc82 broken H used$2
79Sc82 split overprint MH$3
80Sc82a pair one habilitadA pos 45 trace hinge$2.5
81Sc82a pair one habilitadA used (circular 8/14/1911)$2.5
82Sc82a block of 4 one habilitadA pos 45 trace hinge$8
83Sc82a block one habilitadA (lower margin pos 45 & 46)$15
84Sc82b "2911" plate pos 35 MNH signed Cohen$5
85Sc82b "2911" plate as above$4
86Sc82b "2911" in pair with normal MH$5
87Sc82c roman 1 pos 1 used$2.5
88Sc82c roman 1 pos 1 used as above$2.5
89Sc82c roman 1 pos 1 in pair with normal right trace hinge$4
90Sc82c roman 1 pos 2 used margin (plate pos 50)$5
91Sc82c roman 1 pos 2 in pair with normal left, trace hinge$4
92Sc82c roman 1 pos 2 in pair as above, MNH$5
93Sc82c roman 1 pos 3 used$2.5
94Sc82c roman 1 pos 3 in pair with normal used$5
95Sc82c roman 1 pos 1 & 3 (plate pos 9 and 19) block of 4$12
96Sc82d double overprint close MH$4
97Sc82d double overprint close MH$4
98Sc82d double overprint close MH$4
99Sc82e inverted overprint used$4
100Sc82f black overprint MH$40
101Sc82f black overprint minimal gum$40
102Sc82f black overprint used$1
103Sc82i imperforate on right used$10
104Sc82k distant O pos 10$2
105Sc82n fallen spacer end close plate$2
106Sc82o fallen spacer end distant used$2
107Sc83 used 5 items$2
108Sc83 bar cancel 5 items$1
109Sc83 shifted overprint bar cancel$2
110Sc83a roman 1 pos 1 used$3
111Sc83a roman 1 pos 1 used$3
112Sc83a roman 1 pos 1 used bar cancel perf 14$4
113Sc83a roman 1 pos 2 used$3
114Sc83a roman 1 pos 2 bar perf 14$3
115Sc83a roman 1 pos 2 pair normal perf 14$9
116Sc83a roman 1 pos 3 bar cancel perf 14$2
117Sc83a roman 1 pos 3 in pair with normal used$10
118Sc83d perf 14 and lll used$2
119Sc83d perf 14 and lll used$2
120Sc83d perf 14 and lll used$2
121Sc83d bar cancel 2 items$1
122Sc84 used$5
123Sc84 used$5
124Sc84 o/p habilitadA NG$20
125Sc84 o/p habilitadA used$20
126Sc84a roman l pos 2 MH$20
127Sc84a roman l pos 2 trace hinge$20
128Sc84c perf 14 light cancel$30
129Sc84c perf 14 cancel pos 58 double “Braulio Carrillo”$100
130ScO49 imperforated pair overprinted oficial$32
131ScO53 imperforated pair overprinted oficial$32
132Sc81 4c used 6 items$2

133Sc62 pair San Pedro Poas to Boston 25 Jul 1908, transit San Jose. Front.$10
134Sc62 on EN5b Limon to Kansas 12 Jun 1909, via New Orleans Jun 12, arrival Jun 19, registered$25
135 back
Sc63 Limon to Cincinnati 22 Jul 1909. Front$8
136Sc63 Limon to DC Apr 1908, arrival Apr 29, received April 30$10
137Sc65, 63 Limon to Cincinnati 8 Nov 1909, via New York Nov 17, arrival Nov 18, registered$38
138Sc82 on local SJ cover$10
139 back
Sc82 to Enfurt, Germany on registered cover EN7 Mar 1912, arrival Mar 30$38

Covers Other
140Sc169-174 Coco Island issue on FDC Jan 29 1936 to NY$10
141Sc171 25c Coco Island + Sc155 (3) Nov 1938 to New York registered$3
142Sc177 (2) Coco Island & Sc178 (8) registered, Turrialba to LSU, Baton Rouge 1938$3
143Sc177/78 Coco Island 2 cover Grecia to Dallas, Jan/May 1941$3
144Sc178 Coco Island 3 covers to Ashland/Philly, 1938-39$3
145Sc203 Soccer to Massachusetts Jul 1941$2
146ScC61 Soccer + 212 to British Embassy DC Oct 1941$3
147ScC64 Soccer + 165 to Los Angeles censored$5
148ScC130-32 Hospital to USA, local, 3 covers 1946/49$2.5
149ScC134-36 Hospital to Mass, 2 covers, 1946-7$2

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