APS Affiliate 96

The Oxcart

The name is derived from the elaborately decorated oxcarts still made in Costa Rica and used now only in traditional celebrations. The OXCART succeeded the Costa Rican Philatelist of the 1950s and has been published continuously four times a year since 1960. Articles on every aspect of Costa Rican philately are featured. In addition, it occasionally includes research on other Central American countries.

Each issue of The Oxcart includes Society news, regular reports from the officers and research articles, in addition to other features on new issues and recently discovered varieties.

A printed sample copy of The Oxcart/i> is available on request to interested collectors from the Secretary for $1.00 and an SASE. Back issues are also available for $2 each, plus postage. Available are issues #58 through #167, except issue #100, which is $4.00 plus postage.

The electronic version of the newsletter is in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sample Oxcart issues in PDF format:
Oxcart Issue #197
Oxcart Issue #200

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