APS Affiliate 96

Auction 221

This is an experimental sale model. All the lots are in San Jose and the owner has sent a list of the material and scans. Lots won in Costa Rica will be hand delivered to avoid further losses in the mail. Lots won in other cities will be delivered by Socorico or the owner. We will continue the same bidding system through Raul as well as payments.

Send all bids and payments to Raul Hernandez, 4204 Haring Road, Metaire, LA 70006 USA or rherna3870@aol.com.

The closing date is December 27, 2015 at noon.

The winning bid will be one raise over the next highest bid.

Bids a step above the second highest bid will be placed in our web site two and one week and one or two days prior the closing date. The same information can be obtained by phone, fax or mail from Raúl Hernández. A buyer fee of 5% will be charged, but it will be waived if payment is received within 15 days after notification. If no payment is received 30 days after notification the lot will be assigned to the second highest bidder. The cost of postage is additional. Packages over $100 will be sent insured and foreign ones will be sent airmail registered. Consult www.usps.com for postage rates.

Catalogue price reference is "Scott Standard Catalogue", other reference numbers are the "Costa Rica Postal Catalogue Fourth Edition 2014" or "Costa Rica Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2006".

Low value stamps are not graded; in a lot the overall grade represents the highest value stamps.

Submit items for next auction by January 31, 2016 by noon to Hector Mena, P.O. Box 14831, Baton Rouge LA 70898.

Abbreviations o/p: overprint, s/c: surcharge, cc: circular cancellation, ng: no gum, og: original gum, nh: no hinged, FDC: first day cover, MNH: mint never hinged, regist: registered, bk: block, i: irregular shape, RUC: right upper corner, RLC: right lower corner, LUC: lower upper corner, LLC: left lower corner. Commercial covers - unless specified these covers may have stamps of other contemporary issues. All covers from San Jose or to San Jose unless specified.

001Sc61 4c "T" cancelation, perf 11x1410.00
002Sc65a 25c Bar cancelation, vertical pair of right side of pane, perf 14x145.00
003Sc72 5c block of 6 (2x3), mint with gum, rare in blocks15.00
004Sc79a 1c inverted year overprint, used5.00
005Sc80a 2c inverted year overprint, mint with gum, stains, signed by Sáenz10.00
006Sc89 50c block of 4, pane center block, mint with gum10.00
007Sc86 1c on 10c surcharge in block of 4, pane center block, mint with gum10.00
008Sc90 1c on 1C surcharge in block of 4, pane center block, mint with gum10.00
009M-E114a-b-c-e 5c non emis proofs by engraver Antolin Chinchilla75.00
010M-I116 5c imperf, corner block of 4 over inked on upper left stamp10.00
011M-I117 20c marginal horizontal block of 7, imperf, with paper bent75.00
012S161a 5c same as Sc164 o/p "Specimen" w/hole, gum10.00
013Sc258 5c on 2c double surcharge, no gum 10.00
014C124-C127 complete issue in blocks of 4 o/p "Muestra"30.00
015C178a 40c broken surcharge missing "0.35"15.00
016C224-C226 horizontal marginal pairs w/displaced surcharge15.00
017C292 25c vertical pair w/displaced red color, mint w/gum, stains7.00
018C434 5c horizontal block of 3 stamps w/double perforation, mint10.00
019C590 65c block of 4 w/orange frame displaced to the right5.00
020C292 1.10C two tones on gold color5.00
021C885 8.40/8.70 surcharge proof in white paper10.00
022C937 55c marginal block of 4, w/color guides, final proof of issue printing25.00
023C936/C937 50c/55c vertical pairs w/gutter only 10 per pane90.00
024C938 60c marginal block of 4, w/color guides, final proof of issue printing25.00
026C938 60c vertical pairs of same value w/gutter90.00
027Sc490 30C block of 6 (3x2), final proof issue printing w/color guides 50.00
028Sc498a 45c imperf marginal block of 4, mint w/gum40.00
029M-I52815C two imperf horizontal pairs w/gutter, mint w/gum35.00
030Sc110G10c inverted overprint, mint, stains10.00
031Sc95 2c on 50c marginal block of 4 perf. 11x14, rare20.00
032Sc93 2c on 5c block of 6 (2x3) mint w/gum no stains, perf. 14x1420.00
033C500 50c horizontal block of 3, w/brown color displaced down15.00
034Sc93 2c on 5c block of 4, perf 14x14, mint w/gum10.00
035M-94 2c on 2C used, perf 14x1415.00
036M-112 5c displaced overprint to the right "Correos", mint20.00
037Sc260 15c on 2c horizontal block of 3 w/displaced overprint to the right10.00
038Sc259 15c on 2c block of 4 w/displaced overprint to the right15.00
039M-A195a 1C block of 4 w/double "125 aniversario" in upper right stamp20.00
040C367 10c on 1c horizontal block of 3, mint10.00
041M-A486a 40c marginal vertical pair, imperf between, mint20.00
042M-PP531 30C pane of three, imperf45.00
043M-I510 40C imperf horizontal pair, mint25.00
044M-A446b 35c block of 4 w/ vertical double perf, mint10.00
045M-A582 75c block of 4 w/horizontal shifted perf in the middle10.00
046M-A659a 50c marginal horiz pair w/o white color in the back of the design20.00
047C747 1C horizontal marginal pair, imperf between15.00
048RA32 10c block of 6 (2x3) of center pane w/double perf10.00
049B4a 20c horizontal pair imperf in "tete beche" mint w/gum20.00
050R45a 2c horizontal marginal pair o/p "1903" inverted and displaced 60.00
051R872 5c on 5c documentary revenue w/1946 ovpt in red and ovpt proof in block of 6 (2x3) in waxed paper15.00
052R1069a 2c marginal block of 20 (5x4) with inverted ovpt "1952" and shifted, stamps impression looks "52-19"30.00
053R1072a 20c marginal pair w/horizontal inverted ovpt of “1952� and shifted revenue impression, first stamp reeds “52� (only 10 per pane)25.00
054R1133aa 2c horizontal pair w/inverted ovpt and shifted, stamps impression Looks “56-19� and mirror impression in black on reverse, non-reported25.00
055R1393 3C horizontal pair w/mirror impression10.00
056M-CT55b 10c marginal horizontal pair, w/o perf in right margin stamp5.00
057M-CT78b 10c vertical pair, imperf between, mint10.00
057AM-CT113 11C block of 4, imperf10.00
058PC1 2c 1883 first Postal Stationary of Costa Rica, ovpt "Muestra" in red15.00
059PC2 4c first Postal Stationary of Costa Rica, ovpt “Muestra� in red15.00
060OEN4 5c mint, on reverse, white seal of Banco de Costa Rica15.00
060A5c Economic Defense essays, marginal vertical pair w/proof of ovpt20.00
061M-54 582C Departure Tax, horizontal pair, mint w/gum 5.00
062M-PP11-PP15 complete set of “Muestra� ovpt. in blocks of 4, mint w/gum75.00
063M-15 5C Forensic revenue in marginal block of 9,mint w/gum, some stains20.00
064M-PA1-2-3 Parrita revenues in blocks of 4, mint w/gum w/o perforation150.00
065CRPC page N-16 6c on 4c fake of 1920 ovpt "Habilitado / seis / céntimos /1920" made in Limón125.00
066CRPC page N-16 6c on 5c fake of 1920 ovpt "Habilitado / seis / céntimos /1920" made in Limón125.00
067Political publicity cinderella circa 1960 of Daniel Oduber, horizontal block of, printed over white paper, gum and perf20.00
068C303-C307 First Day Cover, Dec 14, 19603.00
069C451 First Day Cover, 6 Oct, 19673.00
070Sc150 First Day Cover, 31 Oct, 192915.00
071Sc150+C7 in block of 10 in the back, first PAA flight cover from SJ to México, March 11, 1933 w/stains50.00
072C159 Commercial cover from SJ to Tilarán, stamp of color variety olive green, 10 Nov, 1947, stains15.00
073C195 Registered mail from SJ to El Salvador with reception seal 25 Set, 195115.00
074C189-C191x6-C200 registered mail from Alajuela to Germany, rate 1.85C 6 Feb, 195220.00
075C205-C213 registered mail to USA, reception seal, 4 Ago, 195312.00
076C187 registered mail in SJ, 30 Jul, 195310.00
077C85A-C202 registered mail to USA, reception seal, 1 Mar, 195410.00
078C372 First Anniversary Cover, Kennedys visit to Costa Rica, 18 Mar, 196410.00
079C375 registered air mail to México, reception seal 31 Mar, 196412.00
080C385 airmail from SJ to México, reception seal, 20 Mar, 196510.00
081C690-C709 registered airmail from Sarchí to SJ, 4 Jul, 197115.00

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