APS Affiliate 96

Auction 227

Send all bids and payments to Raul Hernandez, 4204 Haring Road, Metaire, LA 70006 USA or rherna3870@aol.com. The closing date is June 30, 2017 at noon. The winning bid will be one raise over the next highest bid. All the lots may be illustrated in the Socorico Web Site with complete auction conditions. Bids a step above the second highest bid will be placed in our web site two and one week and one or two days prior the closing date. The same information can be obtained by phone, fax or mail from R. Hernandez. A buyer fee of 5% will be charged, but it will be waived if payment is received within 15 days after notification. If no payment is received 30 days after notification the lot will be assigned to the second highest bidder. The cost of postage is additional. Packages over $100 will be sent insured and foreign ones will be sent airmail registered at the recipient risk. Consult www.usps.com for postage rates. Catalogue price reference is "Scott Standard Catalogue", other reference numbers are the "Costa Rica Postal Catalogue Fourth Edition 2014" or "Costa Rica Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2006". Low value stamps are not graded; in a lot the overall grade represents the highest value stamps. Submit items for next auction by July 15, 2017 by noon to Hector Mena, P.O. Box 14831, Baton Rouge LA 70898.

Abbreviations o/p: overprint, s/c: surcharge, cc: circular cancellation, ng: no gum, og: original gum, nh: no hinged, FDC: first day cover, mint or MNH: mint never hinged, SJ: San Jose, reg: registered, bk: block, i: irregular shape, RUC: right upper corner, RLC: right lower corner, LUC: lower upper corner, LLC: left lower corner. Commercial covers - unless specified these covers may have stamps of other contemporary issues. All covers from San Jose or to San Jose unless specified.

Official Mail
001Sc C11-13, gum, hinge50.00
002Sc C11-13 used50.00
003Sc C14a, inverted ovpt. MNH16.00
004Sc C14a, inverted ovpt. Used13.00
005Sc C15-27 gum. hinge18.00
006Sc C15-27, as above used8.00
007Sc C39-45, MNH4.00
008Sc C39-45 as above , used3.00
009Sc C46-54, gum, traces of hinge MNH90.00
010Sc C46-54, used75.00
011Mena A55a, MNH, surcharge on 25 cts orange (300)20.00
012Sc C57-66, gum, almost imperceptible hinge marks45.00
013Sc C57-66 as above, used35.00
014Sc C74-80 MNH 12.00
015Sc C74-80 as above , used 11.00
016Sc C81-91A, MNH (22 stamps)14.00
017Sc C81-91A as above used7.00
018Sc C67 , missing Hyphen, MNH10.00
019Sc C67, inverted ovpt, MNH10.00
020Sc C68, missing hyphen vertical pair, MNH15.00
021Sc C67-73 used.14.00
022Sc C94-102, MNH53.00
023Sc C94-102, used40.00
024Sc C104a, blue ovpt, MNH50.00
025Sc C104-116, MNH16.00
026Sc C104-16, as above used11.00
027Sc C128-140, MNH16.00
028Sc C154 normal and inverted surcharge, MNH5.00
029Sc C155 red and blue surcharge, MNH5.00
030Sc C156 normal and inverted surcharge, MNH5.00
031Sc C157-158 bar to left of surcharge, MNH5.00
032Sc C168-177, MNH12.00
033Sc C183 block of 4, bars above 1824-1849 on first stamp, MNH4.00
034Sc C183, single and used pair, lines above 1824-18492.00
035Sc C187-210, MNH20.00
036Sc C187-210, used10.00
037Sc C227-245, MNH19.00
038Sc C298-302, MNH imperforate20.00

First Issue and surcharges (Scott 1 to 14)
039Sc 1 imperforate plate proofs thin paper15.00
040Sc 2 imperforate plate proofs thin paper15.00
041Sc 3 imperforate plate proof cardboard10.00
042Sc 4 imperforate plate proof thin paper10.00
043Sc 1 & 2 imperforate proofs o/p specimen 3 items15.00
044Sc 1a three pairs mint1.00
045Sc 1 six cancellations 15.00
046Sc 1 six cancellations 25.00
047Sc 1 six cancellations 35.00
048Sc 1 six cancellations 45.00
049Sc 1 six cancellations 55.00
050Sc 1 six cancellations 65.00
051Sc 1 seven cancellations 75.00
052Sc 1 seven cancellations 85.00
053Sc 1 seven cancellations 95.00
054Sc 1 1d cracked plate pos 110.00
055Sc 1 1d early cracked plate pos 1 in a corner block of 6
056Sc 2 two mint never hinged2.00
057Sc 2 eight samples full gum hinge marks3.00
058Sc 2 five cancellations 110.00
059Sc 2 five cancellations 210.00
060Sc 2 five cancellations 310.00
061Sc 2 five cancellations 410.00
062Sc 2 five cancellations 510.00
063Sc 2 five cancellations 610.00
064Sc 2 five cancellations 710.00
065Sc 2 five cancellations 810.00
066Sc 2a engraver line through DOS, pos 110.00
067Sc 2a engraver line through DOS, marginal pair used SJ circular20.00
068Sc 3 three cancellations 120.00
069Sc 3 three cancellations 220.00
070Sc 3 three cancellations 320.00
071Sc 3 three cancellations 420.00
072Sc 3 four cancellations15.00
073Sc 3 two cancellations10.00
074Sc 3a double entry of "Correos de Costa Rica" pos 8150.-
075Sc 4 used 1 1 in diamond and bars18.00
076Sc 4 used 2 date Nov 6, 187918.00
077Sc 4 used 3 San Jose oval18.00
078Sc 4 used 4 1 in diamond and bars18.00
079Sc 4 used (3 items)9.00
080Sc 4 used 7 1 in diamond and bars18.00
081Sc 4 used 9 dated circular18.00
082Sc 4 used 10 date Aug 25, 187718.00
083Sc 4 used 11 date July 12, 188118.00
084Sc 7 s/c first plate gum hinge 3 items8.00
085Sc 7 as above no gum 3 items5.00
086Sc 7a s/c over second plate, no gum5.00
087Sc 7a as above, no gum5.00
088Sc 7a as above, no gum5.00
089Sc 8 s/c cursive C on first plate no gum6.00
090Sc 8 as above no gum (nick on corner)3.00
091Sc 8 s/c cursive C on first plate has a dot left of 112.00
092Sc 9 2c on second plate with gum, 2 items over inked3.00
093Sc 9 as above 3 item with gum5.00
094Sc 9 as above no gum, signed Cohen1.00
095Sc 9a on 1 plate 2 items with gum10.00
096Sc 9a as above 2 items no gum5.00
097Sc 9a as above 1 item with gum3.00
098Sc 9a as above with postal markings 2 items3.00
099Sc 9, 9a as above with postal markings 2 items3.00
100Sc 12 5c gum7.00
101Sc 12 as above gum5.00
102Sc 13 with a genuine cancel, so rare not price by Scott150.-
103Sc 14 with a genuine cancel, so rare not price by Scott150.-
104Sc 14 with a genuine cancel, so rare not price by Scott150.-
105Fantasies of blue stamp10.00
106Fantasies of orange stamp10.00
107Fantasies of green stamp10.00
108Fantasies of yellow stamp including the PESEDA10.00
109Fake cancels on 7 and 12 (3 items)5.00

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